Wood & Peterson recently fought and received an $81,916.99 settlement for our client, a truck driver from Jasper, MO.

Our client was injured in a fall from the truck. His treatment was provided by the work comp insurance company. But when it came time for the insurance company to pay our client for his permanent partial disability benefits, they tried to drastically shortchange him.

According to the insurance company’s doctor, our client’s injury was worth $6,950.12. Luckily, our client sensed that didn’t seem right and came to us for advice. We told him his gut was right and he needed our help.

Long story short is that we secured our client a settlement worth $81,916.99 for his work injury, which was almost TWELVE times what the insurance company’s doctor recommended.

Bottom line: Do NOT trust the insurance company, its doctor, or its attorney. They do NOT have your best interests in mind and will NOT give you all the information you need. Instead, call us NOW and we can answer your questions.