Our client from Anderson, Missouri injured his right shoulder in a ladder fall at work. He was employed as a maintenance man.

The work comp insurance company’s experts said our Anderson, MO client could return to work and assigned him a disability rating that was worth $32,046.48.

Luckily, our client wanted a second opinion from someone who would tell him the truth about his injury. We took one look at his case and told him point-blank that his claim was worth a hell of a lot more.

We always work to get the best results for our client. So we sent him to doctors for evaluations and to a vocational rehabilitation expert. These were fair and impartial experts who were not being paid by the insurance company. These experts all concluded that our Anderson, MO client was permanently and totally disabled.

We took the case to trial and on the morning of trial the work comp insurance company and the Second Injury Fund chose to give our client a lump sum of $180,000.00 rather than face a trial decision.

The bottom line is that if you want an honest opinion about your case and you want to try for the best results possible, contact us for your work injuries.

We will tell you the truth. If we cannot get you better than what the insurance company is offering or if we cannot justify our legal fee, we will tell you. We have some of the best clients around and are happy to help you too.

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