When our local, Southwest Missouri client was injured in a motor vehicle accident driving his semi-truck, he wanted to get the best results possible and hired our law firm.

Our client sustained a traumatic brain injury in the semi-truck accident.

The work comp insurance company had our client evaluated by Dr. Dennis Estep in Joplin. Dr. Estep stated he had a 16% disability to the body as a whole. Based on Dr. Estep’s rating, our trucker client would have only received 64 weeks of compensation or $28,598.40.

Luckily, the truck driver did not rely on the work comp doctor or the insurance company attorneys to have his best interests in mind.

Instead, he wanted straight shooters so he hired us. We told him his case was worth a lot more than that. We provided Show-Me State results too.

We sent our tractor-trailer driver client to evaluations by a medical doctor and a psychologist in Kansas City, Missouri. They both believed he was permanently and totally disabled.

We sent our trucker client to a vocational rehabilitation specialist in Springfield, Missouri who concluded our truck driver client was permanent and totally disabled.

At the end of the day, the work comp insurance company settled the claim for $500,000.00. That’s a hell of a lot more than $28,598.40.

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