Our client from Anderson, Missouri injured his shoulders from repetitive work activities over many years. The insurance company and employer initially did not offer him anything for his injury. If he would not have hired our firm, he may not have gotten anything.

Thankfully, he did hire us and we worked the case up. We filed claims against the Employer and the Second Injury Fund with the Division in Joplin, Missouri. The case was placed on the workers’ compensation docket in Neosho, Missouri.

After we filed the claim, we sent our Anderson, Missouri client to a medical doctor in Kansas City and a vocational rehabilitation expert in Springfield for evaluations and reports. We worked out a $75,000.00 settlement with the Employer.

We still have a pending claim against the Second Injury Fund for total disability benefits. We hope to recover those benefits for our client as well at a final hearing at a later date.

One thing to know about Wood & Peterson is that you NEVER have to worry that we will try to force you to take a quick settlement at less than fair value or we aren’t willing to fight for you. When we represent you or a loved one, we are in it to win it. If that means we go all the way to final hearing, we have no problem with that because we like trying cases!