Our client was employed by a local manufacturing plant in Joplin, Missouri. She suffered a lifting injury to her back at work. But she was told she wasn’t really hurt and didn’t have any workers’ compensation claim. Due to the way her work injury was poorly handled, she developed psychological impairment as well.

Luckily, our client came to Wood & Peterson for a second opinion from a local attorney. We told her she had a claim and that we would fight for her. We sent her to a medical doctor, a psychologist, and a vocational rehabilitation expert. We spent many thousands of dollars of our own money because we believed in her and her case.

At the end of the day, her employer and its insurance company decided one day before the trial that they would rather settle than face a trial against Wood & Peterson.

Our client went from $0.00 before hiring Wood & Peterson to receiving a settlement against all parties in the total amount of $330,000.00.

Not all cases are like that, but you won’t know if you have one or not until you talk to an expert in workers’ compensation law like the local attorneys at Wood & Peterson.

We have offices in Neosho and Joplin to serve our clients in Southwest Missouri.