Our client’s home in Loma Linda was severely damaged by a fire. He had a homeowners’ policy that provided $260,000 in coverage in the event of a fire. Accordingly, our client made a claim under his policy. But the insurance company refused to pay anything pending an “investigation”.

Long story short, the insurance company drug out the “investigation” for months and months. And the insurance company refused to pay our client’s claim despite not having any justifiable basis to deny the claim. Our client couldn’t fight the insurance company on his own, so luckily, he hired Wood & Peterson.

Ultimately, our client was forced to hire us because of the unfair and inappropriate way the insurance company was acting towards his claim.

Will Peterson of Wood & Peterson filed a lawsuit, took discovery, and filed a summary judgment motion arguing the insurance company was contractually obligated to pay the full $260,000 policy limit due to the fire.

Shortly after filing the motion, the insurance company gave up and agreed to pay our Loma Linda client the full $260,000.00 policy due to the fire damage.

Another successful result and another example of why good folks sometimes need to hire good attorneys.

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