In April 2017, lawyer Will Peterson represented our client, a Joplin welder, at trial on his work injury claim and secured a judgment of permanent total disability which provides our client with lifetime benefits.

The trial was held at the Division of Workers’ Compensation in Joplin, Missouri on Texas Avenue. Joplin lawyer Will Peterson introduced 17 exhibits and hundreds of pages of medical records, expert reports, and deposition transcripts at the trial.

Our Joplin client received a judgment of $139,816.11 in back-due benefits + $32,083.82 in underpaid temporary disability benefits + $792.48 per week for the rest of his life + future medical care paid for concerning his work injury.

The approximate value of the award based on average life expectancy is $595,812.45 + future medical care.

Our Joplin workers’ compensation client had a significant leg injury that resulted in multiple surgeries and greatly impacted his ability to perform work-related activities.

Our offices, a law firm in Neosho and Joplin, sent him to a medical doctor and a vocational rehabilitation expert, both of whom issued opinions that our Joplin welder client was permanent and totally disabled.

The insurance company refused to offer our client a fair amount of money in light of his significant injuries. Consequently, Will Peterson took the case to trial and secured the best result possible for our client: benefits for life + future medical care taken care of!

Another great result for the best clients in Joplin and best in Neosho!