Our client from Webb City was a printing press operator who severely injured his back due to the wear and tear over time from his job duties in Joplin.

When he needed back surgery, the insurance company told him his injury was not from work and refused to pay for the surgery. As a result, our client had emergency back surgery in Joplin and bill collectors were breathing down his neck to collect on medical expenses he could not pay.

Luckily, after being told his claim was worth $0.00, our client hired our law firm to represent him. We sent him to a medical doctor in Kansas City, who testified our Webb City client’s back injury and surgery were work-related and that he was entitled to benefits.

We fought the insurance company all the way to trial and the insurance company settled the claim for $87,500.00 on the day before trial. Our client was able to pay off all of the medical bills and received a significant amount of money to compensate him from his injury.

Before Wood & Peterson = $0.00

After Wood & Peterson = $87,500.

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