Wood & Peterson secured a $312,500.00 settlement for our workers’ compensation client from Neosho, Missouri.

Our Neosho client was electrocuted at work. The workers’ compensation insurance company sent him to a Springfield doctor who provided a rating indicating he was only entitled to $21,051.60!

Luckily, our client realized that his injuries were much more severe than $21,051.60. He hired us and we got him $291,448.40 more + medical care for life.

In working up our client’s case, we paid in advance to have him evaluated by a medical doctor, psychologist, and a vocational rehabilitation expert.

Since our client could not afford these things on his own since he was injured and not working, we paid for them so that he would have the best doctors and the strongest case possible for his trial.

The bottom line was we worked to get the best result possible for our client: $312,500 + medical care for life.

We are thankful to have had the opportunity to help our client get what he deserved.