Will Peterson, partner at Wood & Peterson, LLC, secured a judgment for his Joplin client after a recent trial in 2017. After the trial, the judge found our Joplin client was permanently and totally disabled and entitled to payments for life.

Our Joplin client suffered an occupational exposure injury caused by driving his forklift in extremely cold temperatures for many years. In addition, he had a pre-existing back injury.

Wood & Peterson worked hard to get our Joplin client the best result possible and was successful once again!

Because the case could not be settled for fair value, Will took the case to trial for our client. The trial was held at the Division of Workers’ Compensation in Joplin. After the judge heard all of the evidence and testimony, a verdict was entered in favor of Wood & Peterson’s Joplin client.

Based on the client’s life expectancy, the value of the judgment was $859,516.71. He received a lump sum payment of $310,396.72 plus payments of $704.00 every week for the rest of his life.

Another great result for the best clients in Southwest Missouri.

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