Our client injured his legs and hip at work in Webb City. We worked hard to get him the best results possible for his Webb City injury through Missouri workers’ compensation.

The work comp insurance attorney sent him to a doctor that rated him very low. Based on the work comp doctor’s rating, our Webb City client would have received $10,894.40.

Thankfully, our client wanted a second opinion besides just the insurance company’s opinion. He correctly felt the work comp insurance company and it’s attorney did not have his best interests in mind. He hired us and we had him evaluated by doctors who provided more reasonable ratings than the work comp doctor’s ratings.

The end result was a $61,789.14 settlement, which is over 5.5 times more than what the work comp doctor’s ratings were valued at.

The bottom line is don’t trust insurance attorneys and their ratings. They do not represent injured workers and do not have your best interests in mind. If you want an honest assessment of your case, contact us now for an absolutely free, no-strings-attached discussion.