Wood & Peterson recently got a large settlement for one of our workers’ compensation clients to the tune of $175,000.00!

The insurance company offered our client from Mexico $28,054.52. He said, “No way!” He hired the Neosho workers’ compensation attorneys of Wood & Peterson and we got him a settlement worth more than 6 times what the insurance company offered!

Our client is from Southwest City, Missouri. He hired our Neosho work comp attorneys after he severely injured his arm requiring multiple surgeries.

Our client is originally from Mexico and does not speak English. He could not go through the system on his own. We were honored to be able to help him navigate the system and get a fair result.

The Insurance Company and Chicken Factory initially took the position that our client violated a safety rule and tried to slash his benefits by 50%. He searched for the best work comp attorneys in Neosho and chose to hire us.

We sent our client to a medical doctor, a psychologist, and a vocational rehabilitation expert in preparing his case. Our client could not afford these things, but we advanced the expenses because we believed in our Southwest City client. It all paid off for our client.

Another great result for a great client. If you or a loved one has been hurt or injured, contact our Neosho work comp attorneys today!