Our client from Southwest City, Missouri injured his hand in a chicken factory while he was trying to repair a belt on a broken line. The Missouri chicken factory and workers’ compensation insurance company offered him a small amount of money because they claimed he violated a safety rule.

Instead of taking the low offer, he hired the SHOW-ME LAWYERS of Wood & Peterson in Neosho, Missouri. We sent him to a medical doctor, who did an independent and fair medical evaluation and issued a report in our client’s favor.

The end result was that the chicken factory and work comp insurance company did not pursue the supposed “safety rule violation” and our Southwest City, Missouri client got a fair settlement for nearly 4 times more than was originally offered.


Before WCP = Lowball Offer + Safety Rule Violation.

After WCP = No Safety Rule Violation + Nearly 4 Times More Money.

The bottom line is that you cannot argue with results! If you or a loved one has been hurt, contact us now. We cover all of Southwest Missouri including Neosho, Joplin, Springfield, Cassville, Monett, Aurora, Nevada, and all places in between.